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Foam Dodgeballs with Bag

Product Code: PE00951
Perfect for dodgeball, these foam balls blend softness with weight for safe, dynamic play.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Design

Constructed from foam with a protective plastic coating, these dodgeballs are built to last, resisting wear and tear from regular use.

Assorted Sizes

The set includes balls in assorted sizes, ensuring that children of all ages can participate and develop their skills.

Enhanced Grip

The plastic coating on each ball provides an enhanced grip, making them easier to catch and throw during games.

Versatile Use

Suitable for a variety of throwing and catching games, these dodgeballs can be used across multiple PE lessons and activities.

Convenient Storage

Included is a mesh bag for easy storage and transport, ensuring the balls are always ready for the next game.

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Foam Dodgeball Kit with Bag 9 Balls

Perfect for dodgeball, these foam balls blend softness with weight for safe, dynamic play.


  • Made from high-quality foam with a protective plastic coating, these dodgeballs are designed to withstand vigorous play. The assortment of sizes caters to different age groups, ensuring everyone can join in the fun.

  • Ideal for children aged 5 to 11, this set of foam dodgeballs is an excellent resource for PE lessons, encouraging active participation and enhancing throwing, catching, and teamwork skills. Included in the set are eight foam balls coated in plastic for durability, comprising 2 x 20cm and 6 x 16cm balls, plus a size 4 pink ball, all stored in a mesh bag for convenience. This selection offers varied sizes to cater to different age groups, making the games inclusive and enjoyable for all.

  • The set supports PE curriculum goals at Key Stages 1 and 2, focusing on the development of basic movements and competitive play, aligning with educational aims to increase engagement in physical activity. Providing a mix of fun and skill building, these dodgeballs assist in creating a dynamic learning environment. Their use promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle among pupils and supports the broader objective of elevating the profile of PE in schools.

Supports the National Curriculum

Physical Education, Key Stage 1

Master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination.

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Play competitive games, modified where appropriate (e.g. badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball and rounders) and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 2 x 20cm coated foam balls ,6 x 16cm coated foam balls ,1 x soft touch pink ball (size 4),1 x mesh bag for storage

  • Pack size

  • 9

  • Material

  • Foam

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years

Size and measurements


  • Assorted Sizes