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First-Play® Active Outdoor Maths Activities Equipment Pack

Product Code: 111073
A set designed to enhance outdoor maths and physical education for children aged five to eleven.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Versatile Storage Solution

Includes a sturdy storage box, making it easy to organise and transport the equipment, ensuring everything is readily accessible for lessons.

Comprehensive Numerical Tools

Features a variety of numerical tools including a zero to twenty number line and sensory numbers, which are essential for hands-on learning experiences.

Dynamic Physical Equipment

Equipped with movement cubes and coloured target mats that promote physical engagement through interactive play and learning.

Enhanced Group Interaction

Designed to support full class participation, this pack encourages teamwork and social interaction among children.

Curriculum Aligned Activities

Aligns with Key Stage 2 curriculum, supporting structured learning objectives in both mathematics and physical education.

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Active Outdoor Maths Activities Equipment Pack

A set designed to enhance outdoor maths and physical education for children aged five to eleven.


  • Ideal for promoting both physical and numerical skills, this equipment set supports the Key Stage 2 curriculum by making learning outdoors interactive and fun.

  • The pack encourages children to engage in a variety of activities that improve their mathematical understanding through practical application. Movement cubes, target mats, and number lines are used to create dynamic learning scenarios that also enhance physical health and teamwork skills.

  • This comprehensive approach aligns with educational objectives such as enhancing regular physical activity and introducing a broader sports experience, thus supporting an inclusive educational environment.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 5, Number - Number & Place Value

Solve number problems and practical problems that involve all of the above.

Mathematics, Year 5, Number - Addition & Subtraction

Add and subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers.

Physical Education, Key Stage 2

Take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x 0-20 Number Line, ,20 x Number Bean Bags, ,1 x Inflatable Dice, ,10 x 23cm Number Cones, ,3 x Movement Cubes; ,2 x Coloured Number Target Mats, ,1 x PVC Coated Dice, ,1 x Foam Dice, ,1 x Set 0-9 Sensory Numbers, ,24 x Movement Cube Cards,1 x Storage Box,

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