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Festivals and Celebrations KS2 Books 20pk

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A curated collection of books exploring major world religions.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Comprehensive Coverage

This pack includes 20 books, each offering a unique perspective on the festivals and celebrations of major world religions, enriching children's understanding.

Curriculum Support

Designed to align with Key Stage 2 learning objectives, these books provide essential support for teaching religious festivals and promoting interfaith understanding.

Multicultural Awareness

By exploring various religious celebrations, children learn about diversity and the importance of cultural sensitivity, fostering a more inclusive environment.

Engaging Content

We select each book for its ability to captivate and educate, ensuring children remain engaged while learning about different cultures and religions.

RE Curriculum Enhancement

These books serve as a vital resource for enhancing the religious education curriculum, offering detailed insights into teaching religious festivals.

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Festivals and Celebrations KS2 Books 20pk

A curated collection of books exploring major world religions.


  • Understanding different faiths and cultures through religious festivals is key in our diverse society. The Festivals and Celebrations KS2 Books collection, comprising 20 titles, educates on the customs and traditions of major world religions. It supports RE curriculum aims, fostering respect and empathy among children for diverse cultures. From exploring Diwali to Easter, the set is perfect for lessons on religious festivals, promoting inclusivity and multicultural awareness. Titles may vary.

  • The resources are tailored for Key Stage 2, aiding in teaching religious festivals and enhancing interfaith understanding. Each book is selected for its engaging content and relevance to the curriculum goals, making learning enjoyable. This diversity enriches lessons, encouraging pupils to appreciate global cultures.

  • These books are indispensable for educators looking to deliver enriching lessons on religious festivals, helping students understand and celebrate the rich cultural fabric of our world.

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