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Easi-Speak 2

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Your favourite MP3 voice recorder microphone has a refreshed look!
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Extended Recording Time

Record up to four hours of MP3 audio with the TTS Easi-Speak 2. Its 128 MB built-in memory ensures ample space for capturing extended sessions.

Direct Recording

Record directly into the microphone, simplifying the process of capturing high-quality audio without the need for additional equipment.

User-Friendly Design

The simple button layout and functions make the TTS Easi-Speak 2 easy to use, even for young children, promoting independence and confidence.

Immediate Playback

The built-in speaker allows for immediate playback of recordings, facilitating instant feedback and interactive learning experiences.

Supports English Fluency

Use the TTS Easi-Speak 2 to record children reading aloud, aiding in fluency practice and enabling detailed feedback to support their progress.

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Easi-Speak 2

Your favourite MP3 voice recorder microphone has a refreshed look!


  • Teachers will find the TTS Easi-Speak 2 microphone essential for its user-friendly design and functionality. It is highly beneficial for capturing and playing back audio directly in the classroom. The built-in speaker enables immediate listening, while the LED indicator assists in monitoring the device's status. Transferring recordings to a PC is straightforward via the USB connector.

  • This microphone is particularly useful in supporting various classroom activities and assessments. It simplifies the process of recording discussions, oral presentations, and student reflections, providing a valuable resource for both teaching and evaluation purposes.

  • The TTS Easi-Speak 2 is also an excellent tool for enhancing creative subjects like music and drama. It helps record performances, practice sessions, and enables students to review their work. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, even for young children, fostering independence and engagement.

Technical Summary