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Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Toolkit

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A collection of fun activities that use multi-sensory techniques to help children develop a strong math foundation.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhancing Mathematical Understanding

This toolkit encourages questioning techniques that significantly aid children's understanding of mathematical concepts, fostering a deeper grasp of numbers and their relationships.

Structured Learning Pathway

Comprising ten structured lessons, this toolkit offers a clear, step-by-step approach to math education, making complex ideas more accessible and manageable for children with dyscalculia.

Concrete Learning Materials

Utilising concrete materials, the toolkit aids in the development of mathematical reasoning, allowing children to physically manipulate items to better understand abstract concepts.

Multi-Sensory Educational Approach

The inclusion of multi-sensory learning techniques caters to various learning styles, enhancing engagement and retention of mathematical knowledge.

Comprehensive Support Resources

With resources like number cards, coloured counters, and games, this toolkit provides diverse tools that support an inclusive learning environment.

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Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Toolkit

A collection of fun activities that use multi-sensory techniques to help children develop a strong math foundation.


  • Tackling the challenges faced by children with dyscalculia, this toolkit provides a supportive learning environment. It combines structured activities, tangible teaching resources, and versatile games to ease the anxiety associated with numerical tasks.

  • The practical use of concrete learning materials, such as number rods, dominoes, and custom dice, allows for interactive and sensory-rich experiences. These tools help children visualise mathematical concepts, improving their ability to process and understand mathematical relationships.

  • Furthermore, by integrating multi-sensory teaching techniques, the toolkit supports various learning preferences, ensuring all children have the opportunity to thrive in their mathematics journey.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Book 1,Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Book 2,100 x sticky dots,50 x coloured counters,Snakes and Ladders gameboard,20 x A7 blank cards,Write-on wipe-off dice,0-9 dice, standard dice,0-9 foam coloured numbers,0-100 number cards,A7 red and blue cards,Plastic Number Rods,Dominoes set,Feely bag

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 16 years