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Durable Nylon Tape Measures

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A flexible, non-stretch and washable measuring tool.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Durable Design

Made from nylon-reinforced plastic, ensuring durability for frequent educational use. Its robustness makes it a reliable resource for hands-on learning.

Clear Measurements

Features bold 1cm markings and 10cm increments, facilitating easy reading and accurate measurement by children.

Flexible & Washable

Its flexibility allows for versatile use in various measurement activities, while being washable ensures hygiene in classroom environments.

Curriculum Aligned

Supports the UK Mathematics curriculum from Year one to Year three, enhancing learning in measurement topics.

Year 2 Measurement

Specifically aids Year two children in comparing and ordering lengths, mass, and volume, aligning with curriculum goals.

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Durable Nylon Tape Measures

A flexible, non-stretch and washable measuring tool.


  • Enhance measurement learning with this durable tape measure. Nylon-reinforced plastic construction ensures its robustness for practical maths lessons. Its user-friendly design makes handling and reading measurements easy, helping children develop an understanding of length, mass, and volume through hands-on activities.

  • Ideal for Year one to Year three, this resource aligns with the UK Mathematics curriculum, focusing on measurement. It teaches children to compare and order lengths, understand mass and volume, and introduces them to time and money concepts. The clear 1cm and 10cm markings facilitate accurate measurement and recording, essential skills in early maths education.

  • Designed specifically for educational use, this 1m long and 30mm wide tape measure is flexible and washable. These features ensure its longevity and hygiene in classroom settings, offering a practical choice for daily maths lessons.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 2, Measurement

Compare and order lengths, mass, volume/capacity and record the results using >, < and =.

Mathematics, Year 1, Measurement

Measure and begin to record the following: lengths and heights, mass/weight, capacity and volume, time (hours, minutes, seconds).

Mathematics, Year 3, Measurement

Measure, compare, add and subtract lengths (m/cm/mm), mass (kg/g) and volume/capacity (l/ml).

Technical Summary



  • Nylon Reinforced Plastic