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Dual Power Timers

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Dual-powered, compact timers designed for seamless integration into educational settings.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Child-Friendly Design

Suited for young users, these timers feature a user-friendly size and dual power design, ensuring their readiness for various classroom timing needs. They promote lively and interactive learning.

Ease of Use

These timers allow children to easily operate and focus on their educational activities without being bogged down by complicated settings, thanks to their large buttons.

Reliable Functionality

These timers enhance classroom activities by ensuring reliable operation without the worry of battery failure, thanks to their dual power functionality.

Versatile Timing

These timers enhance educational and recreational activities with their flexibility, capable of timing events up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

Curriculum Support

These timers support learning objectives related to measurement and time management, aligning with the Key Stage 1 and 2 Mathematics curriculum.

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Dual Power Timers

Dual-powered, compact timers designed for seamless integration into educational settings.


  • Dual Power Timers enable precise timing of classroom activities, fostering the development of time management skills in children. These versatile tools, capable of counting both up and down to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, are indispensable for a wide variety of educational tasks. Their design ensures ease of use, engaging children directly in timing processes.

  • These timers align with the Key Stage 1 and 2 Mathematics curriculum, facilitating the teaching of time-telling skills, estimation of durations, and solving time-related problems. They are particularly useful in practical exercises involving measurements of time, lengths, and volumes, enhancing the learning experience with hands-on engagement.

  • Made from durable plastic and designed with large buttons, these timers are tailored for a classroom's dynamic environment. They support timely and effective learning, making them essential for any educational activity that involves time tracking.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 2, Measurement

Tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past/to the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.

Mathematics, Year 3, Measurement

Compare durations of events (for example, to calculate the time taken by particular events or tasks).

Mathematics, Year 3, Measurement

Estimate and read time with increasing accuracy to the nearest minute, record and compare time, and use vocabulary such as o’clock, am/pm, morning, afternoon, noon and midnight.

Technical Summary



  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years