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Cursive Letter Formation Dry Wipe Boards A4 5pk

Product Code: SD11069
Double-sided A4 whiteboards perfect for enhancing cursive handwriting.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Approved Cursive Font

Designed with an approved cursive font that highlights entry and exit strokes, guiding children towards correct letter formation and improving handwriting skills.

Double-Sided Design

These A4 whiteboards are double-sided, featuring a plain reverse side, providing a versatile surface for both guided and freeform writing practice.

Durable and Reusable

Made for repeated use, these boards offer a durable solution for daily handwriting practice, enabling a cyclical learning process without the need for constant replacements.

Supports Key Stage 1 English

Aligns with Key Stage 1 English curriculum, specifically focusing on handwriting transcription skills such as correct letter size and orientation.

Handwriting Families

Facilitates the understanding of handwriting ‘families’, helping children to practise letters that are formed in similar ways, enhancing muscle memory.

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Cursive Letter Formation Dry Wipe Boards A4 5pk

Double-sided A4 whiteboards perfect for enhancing cursive handwriting.


  • These A4 whiteboards aim to boost children's skills in cursive writing, closely mapped to the Key Stage 1 English curriculum. An approved cursive font is featured to mark entry and exit strokes, underlining the importance of precise directional movement for proper letter formation. This approach is foundational for correctly crafting capital and lower-case letters, essential for legible writing.

  • With a double-sided functionality, one side displays the guided font for structured learning, while the reverse is kept blank for creative practice. This dual aspect promotes repeated practice, vital for enhancing muscle memory and fluency in cursive handwriting.

  • Conforming to Key Stage 1 curriculum goals for handwriting transcription, these boards support the grouping of letters into 'families'. Such classification aids in memory retention and proper letter crafting, setting the groundwork for developing confident and efficient handwriting skills.

Supports the National Curriculum

English, Year 2, Writing - transcription

Write capital letters and digits of the correct size, orientation and relationship to one another and to lower-case letters.

English, Year 2, Writing - transcription

Form lower-case letters of the correct size relative to one another.

English, Year 1, Writing - transcription

Form capital letters.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 5

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 7 to 11 years

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  • A4