Cross-Curricular Cone Folders 6pk

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Transform regular cones in to cross curricular activity stations with these versatile transparent cone folders.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Create activity stations around the hall or playground to mix up PE lessons

  • Great at play times to create different activity zones for play leaders to use

  • Cross curricular activities can be combined to add activity to maths, literacy or any curriculum lessons

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Cross-Curricular Cone Folders 6pk

Transform regular cones in to cross curricular activity stations with these versatile transparent cone folders.

  • Simply insert an instruction sheet into the clear pocket and place the folder over a cone to get started.

  • Cone folders feature two clear square pockets (dimension: 30,5 x 22cm) and fit traditional tall profile cones (30cm to 50cm height). Cones and instruction sheets not included.

  • An engaging outdoor Maths activity idea using the cone folders is a Maths Cone Hunt. This activity can be adapted to different ages and abilities. It's a fun way to reinforce Maths skills while enjoying the outdoors. Here's how you can set it up:

  • Materials Needed:

  • Tall Cones

  • Worksheets with answered placed in to the one Folders

  • Clipboards and pencils for each student or group, or tablet devices if available

  • Place the cones in an area such as the playground. Arrange them in a grid or pattern with some distance between each cone.

  • Prepare a set of questions, these could include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

  • Prepare your set of questions for each group, divide the children into small groups or pairs and provide each group with a clipboard, a pencil, and a set of questions Start the timer and let the students loose to find the cones and solve the Maths questions. Encourage them to work together, helping each other with the problems. Assign points for each correctly solved math problem. You can make it more competitive by setting a time limit or giving bonus points for the fastest group to complete all the problems.


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  • Size and measurements
  • Height:

    22 cm

  • Width:

    30.5 cm