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Create and Play Sensory Beads

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Bright sensory beads provide tactile exploration, enhancing calmness and concentration.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Calming Tactile Experience

These sensory beads offer a calming tactile experience, aiding in focus and relaxation for children.

Creative Artistic Potential

The beads encourage artistic expression, allowing children to press shapes into clay or imprint them onto paper with paint, fostering fine motor skills and creativity.

Fidget Aid Collection

As crucial elements of any fidget aid collection, these sensory beads are designed to meet diverse sensory needs, supporting focus and sensory regulation in classroom environments.

Easy Threading Activities

The beads are designed with extra-large threading holes, enabling effortless stringing activities that are essential for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills enhancement.

Geometric Shape Recognition

Introducing geometric shapes through tactile learning, these beads aid in the recognition of basic geometric forms, enhancing spatial awareness and cognitive development.

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Create and Play Sensory Beads

Bright sensory beads provide tactile exploration, enhancing calmness and concentration.


  • These durable, flexible beads are great for arts and crafts, helping children create patterns in clay or colourful paintings, while enhancing fine motor skills.

  • The Create and Play Sensory Beads are designed with children's sensory and fine motor development in mind. Their distinct textures, consisting of raised bumps, ridges, and grooves, offer a rich tactile experience, crucial for sensory integration. These beads not only facilitate sensory exploration but also support the development of fine motor skills through engaging, hands-on activities.

  • Perfect for creative play, children can utilise the beads in various art and craft activities, such as pressing them into clay to make interesting patterns or using them to stamp vibrant designs on paper with paint. Additionally, the beads' extra-large threading holes make them ideal for threading exercises, promoting hand-eye coordination and enhancing motor skills. Available in recognizable geometric shapes and a range of sizes, they also contribute to cognitive development by helping children recognize different shapes.

  • Constructed to be both soft and durable, they offer a soothing tactile experience that can assist in maintaining calmness and focus for children. This multifaceted approach not only supports sensory and fine motor skills development but also fosters creativity and cognitive growth in a playful and engaging manner. Also a great addition as a classroom fidget toy.

Technical Summary