Construction Materials Resource Pack


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This huge class kit contains over 6000 components for use in D&T construction and mechanism projects.
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  • Huge set of over 6000 components for D&T and STEM activities
  • For use in construction activities and for exploring how mechanisms work
  • Components in a variety of different sizes and materials

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Construction Materials Resource Pack

This huge class kit contains over 6000 components for use in D&T construction and mechanism projects.

  • With contents including Jelutong wood, dowel, pulleys, gears, wooden, plastic and card wheels, as well as many more resources.

  • A great collection for stocking up your D&T store cupboard or for creating a well-resourced Makerspace area. Jelutong wood is ideal for use by children as it is simple to drill and saw, making it easy for those with less experience to work with. The kit contains 2 sets of dowels with diameters of 2 and 4mm, as well as over 500 wheels in a variety of materials including MDF, plastic and card.

  • For exploring how mechanisms work, the kit also contains starter gears, wooden pulleys, axles supports and propellors. Children can explore how when gears are different sizes, they can be used to increase the power of a turning force and how the number of teeth on a gear effects the speed. The pulleys and axle supports can be used to demonstrate that pulleys are a simple mechanism that make lifting and moving things easier.

  • For construction activities, a variety of plain and coloured wooden matchsticks, lolly sticks, and paper sticks are also included.

  • Other D&T essentials like modelling wire, tubing and balloons for use in pneumatic and air power experiments are also included.

  • Contents may vary.


  • Pack size: Single
  • Colour: Multicoloured
  • Age Range: 7-8 years +
  • Height: 250 mm
  • Width: 480 mm
  • Depth: 620 mm
  • Weight: 1400 g
    • 100 x 8mm Jelutong 600mm in length
    • 100 x 10mm Jelutong 600mm in length
    • 100 x 4mm Dowel 600mm in length
    • 100 x 2mm Dowel Pack
    • 10 x 38mm Turned Wooden Wheels
    • 10 x 50mm Turned Wooden Wheels
    • 100 x 50mm MDF Wooden Wheels
    • 100 x 40mm MDF Wooden Wheels
    • 100 x 40mm Plastic Wheels
    • 100 x 40mm Card Wheels
    • 100 x 50mm Card Wheels
    • 10 x 30mm Wooden Pulleys
    • 10 x 40mm Wooden Pulleys
    • 80 x Starter Gears
    • 100 x Card Axles Supports
    • 500 x Card Triangles
    • 10 x 2 Blade Propellers
    • 10 x 3 Blade Propellers
    • 100 x Paper Sticks
    • 1000 x Lolly Sticks
    • 2000 x Plain Matchsticks
    • 2000 x Coloured Matchsticks
    • 36 x Wooden Clothes Pegs
    • 100 x Toffee Apple Sticks
    • 100 x Cotton Reels
    • 10 x 25mm Wooden Balls
    • 10 x 35mm Wooden Balls
    • 5m x 4mm Green Tubing
    • 5m x 5mm Yellow Tubing
    • 5 x 6mm Red Tubing
    • ½ Kilo Reel Modelling Wire
    • 100 x Balloons