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Coloured Small Solid Shapes 96pk


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Empower children with a deeper understanding of geometrical shapes.
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  • Contains 8 different 3D shapes
  • Ideal for shape recognition
  • Spot the difference - eg triangular prism & triangular based pyramid

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Coloured Small Solid Shapes 96pk

Empower children with a deeper understanding of geometrical shapes.

  • Equip children with the skills to explore and investigate 3D shape properties, including faces of a triangular prism.

  • Designers created this set to enhance children's understanding of geometry by allowing them to physically manipulate and explore 3D shapes. It includes a variety of shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and prisms, enabling hands-on learning and investigation into how shapes form the building blocks of our world.

  • The pack supports the Key Stage 1 curriculum, focusing on identifying and describing the properties of 3D shapes, including edges, vertices, and faces. Children can engage in activities like comparing, sorting, and recognising common 2D and 3D shapes, fostering their spatial awareness and critical thinking skills.

  • Durable plastic makes the construction of this set ideal for children aged 4 to 7 years. It encourages the exploration of geometric concepts through play, making it an invaluable resource for teaching geometrical shapes and supporting maths learning in a practical, engaging way.


  • Pack size: 96
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age Range: 4-5 years to 6-7 years
  • Length: 3.2 cm
  • Width: 3.2 cm
    • 12 x Cube
    • 12 x Cuboid
    • 12 x Square Based Pyramid
    • 12 x Triangular Based Pyramid
    • 12 x Sphere
    • 12 x Cylinder
    • 12 x Triangular Prism
    • 12 x Cone
    • 96 Shapes in total