Bumper Electricity Experiments Class Kit


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A comprehensive kit for exploring the world of electricity.
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  • Bumper kit of resources for electricity investigations
  • Booklet full of worksheets and experiment ideas
  • Includes notes for the teacher
  • Suitable for KS1 and KS2

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Bumper Electricity Experiments Class Kit

A comprehensive kit for exploring the world of electricity.

  • Includes a colour-coded tray, battery holders, buzzers, bulbs, wire strippers, and more for hands-on electricity experiments.

  • This activity kit is a treasure trove for educators aiming to introduce children to the fascinating world of electricity. With components such as insulated wires, LED bulbs, and battery holders, it's equipped for a series of practical experiments. The enclosed booklet, filled with worksheets, propels the understanding of electricity's roles and its dual nature of being beneficial and risky.

  • Ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2, the curriculum-relevant experiments within foster a foundational grasp of electric circuits and the properties of conductors and insulators. The kit not only aligns with educational standards but also enriches lessons with interactive and intriguing activities.

  • Facilitating lesson planning, it includes educator notes and experiment ideas, making lessons both impactful and fun. This approach ensures a conducive learning atmosphere, effectively engaging children's curiosity about the electric world that surrounds them.


  • Material: Multi
  • Age Range: 5-6 years to 10-11 years
    • Insulated wire
    • Wire stripper
    • Small bulbs
    • LED bulbs
    • Battery holders
    • Battery snap
    • Crocodile leads
    • Bulb holders
    • Ball of string
    • Assorted switches
    • Buzzer
    • Electric motor
    • Motor pulley
    • Screwdriver
    • Insulating tape
    • Wood block
    • Variable resistor
    • Balloons