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Bulk Value Money Pack

Product Code: MA03373
A bumper value pack of plastic coins and notes for engaging money handling activities.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Comprehensive Denominations

Comprising 400 coins and 80 notes, this pack offers a complete range of sterling denominations, enabling realistic financial scenarios for effective learning.

Durable Construction

Designed for durability, the plastic coins and notes ensure long-lasting use in educational settings, supporting countless money handling activities.

Curriculum Aligned

Supports key year one to three Mathematics curriculum objectives, including money recognition, combination finding, and change calculation.

Interactive Learning

Ideal for interactive learning, facilitating engaging role play and practical money maths activities that enhance financial literacy.

Measurement Focus

Specifically aids in teaching the Measurement aspect of the Year 1 Mathematics curriculum, focusing on money value recognition and sequencing.

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Bulk Value Money (400) Coins & (80) Notes Pack

A bumper value pack of plastic coins and notes for engaging money handling activities.


  • This pack, featuring 400 plastic coins and 80 notes, provides a tangible way for children to learn about money, supporting tasks like calculating change and recognising coin denominations. It's an essential resource for engaging students in hands-on financial literacy lessons.

  • It aligns with the Year 1 to 3 Mathematics curriculum, covering topics from money measurement to practical applications of adding and subtracting amounts. Engaging children in these activities fosters an understanding of financial concepts through real-world applications.

  • Made from durable plastic, these coins and notes are built to last, making them ideal for continuous learning in the classroom. This resource not only adheres to educational standards but also promotes an active, practical approach to teaching key money handling skills.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 1, Measurement

Measure and begin to record the following: lengths and heights, mass/weight, capacity and volume, time (hours, minutes, seconds).

Mathematics, Year 2, Measurement

Find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money.

Mathematics, Year 3, Measurement

Add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both £ and p in practical contexts.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 480

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 11 years