Anglo Saxon Shield Replica

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A detailed replica of an 8th Century Anglo-Saxon shield, enhancing historical understanding.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Authentic Design

This Anglo-Saxon shield replica includes a pointed shield boss, styled after those used in the 8th Century.

Educational Engagement

Enriches history lessons by providing a tangible connection to the topics of Viking invasions and Anglo-Saxon periods.

Durable Materials

Constructed from durable wood and metal, this educational replica offers long-lasting usage in learning environments, enhancing historical studies.

Curriculum Support

Supports Key Stage 2 History curriculum, focusing on the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for England.

Cultural Insight

Supports an understanding of Anglo-Saxon history, focusing on societal structure and legal developments during the era.

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Anglo Saxon Shield Replica 53cm Diameter

A detailed replica of an 8th Century Anglo-Saxon shield, enhancing historical understanding.


  • Embrace a tangible connection to Anglo-Saxon history with this detailed shield replica. Made from robust wood and metal, it replicates the defensive tools used in the Viking and Anglo-Saxon eras, aligning with the Key Stage 2 History curriculum.

  • This strategically designed replica provides a hands-on learning experience, facilitating a deeper understanding of historical conflicts and cultural developments. By examining this artefact, children can explore topics like the struggles of Alfred the Great against Viking invasions and the cultural impact of Anglo-Saxon art and legal systems.

  • Enhance historical accuracy and engagement in your classroom with this replica. It serves as a valuable teaching aid, sparking curiosity and discussion about Anglo-Saxon England and its legal and cultural framework. This replica not only supports curriculum requirements but also brings history to life through interactive exploration.

Supports the National Curriculum

History, Key Stage 2, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. Viking invasion and resistance by Alfred the Great and Althelstan. Anglo Saxon Laws and Justice.

History, Key Stage 2, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Roman withdrawal from Britian, Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture and Christian conversion.

Technical Summary



  • Metal



Size and measurements


  • 53 cm