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Alphabet Rug

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A thick and soft alphabet placement rug designed for interactive letter recognition learning.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Engaging Design

Designed to captivate children's attention, this carpet facilitates interactive learning and engagement through its vibrant blue colour and educational content.

Durable Construction

Made from heavy duty tuff-pile with tightly bound edges and Rhombus anti-skid latex backing, this carpet is built to last and safe for everyday use.

Literacy Support

Supports literacy by featuring word, letter, and picture associations in a clear Sassoon Infant font, aiding in effective letter recognition.

Safety Assured

Meets all relevant safety standards, ensuring a secure learning environment with its anti-skid backing and tightly bound edges.

EYFS Aligned

Aligns with EYFS focuses on communication and language, offering a practical resource for enhancing early years communication.

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Alphabet Rug

A thick and soft alphabet placement rug designed for interactive letter recognition learning.


  • This Large Blue Alphabet Carpet enhances early years communication, offering a playful yet educational space for exploring literacy. It features Sassoon Infant font for clear letter recognition alongside engaging word and picture associations. This makes it ideal for supporting both literacy and personal, social, emotional development.

  • Constructed for durability, this alphabet carpet withstands frequent use, perfect for educational settings. The anti-skid latex backing and tightly bound edges ensure safety and longevity. It also aligns with curriculum goals, aiding in the development of communication and language skills.

  • Safety is paramount, and this carpet meets all relevant standards. Its design encourages active learning while ensuring a secure environment for children to play and learn, supporting EYFS goals in communication and language.

Technical Summary



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