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Alice Sharp's Water Discovery Tubes

Product Code: EY10019
A dynamic water play set designed for young children to explore fluid dynamics and interactive play.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Interactive Water Play

These tubes offer a hands-on approach to learning physics. Children can explore the principles of water flow, discovering gravity and pressure effects while enhancing motor skills.

Mathematical Development

Through practical engagement, children can make comparisons of size and weight with these tubes, encouraging an intuitive understanding of early mathematical concepts.

Team Collaboration

Designed to promote collaboration, these tubes encourage children to work together, enhancing their social skills and cooperative problem-solving during play.

Versatile Setup

The flexible design allows for a variety of setup configurations, promoting problem-solving as children experiment with the tubes to see varied outcomes of water flow.

EYFS Physical Development

Aligned with the EYFS physical development aims, these tubes encourage refining motor skills through playful activities that merge learning with fun.

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Water Discovery Tubes

A dynamic water play set designed for young children to explore fluid dynamics and interactive play.


  • Enhance your teaching environment with these water discovery tubes, designed to captivate children's interest in physical phenomena like water flow and gravity. By engaging with these tools, children develop an intuitive understanding of scientific concepts while refining their motor skills through activities such as pouring and stirring.

  • The product is perfect for introducing basic mathematics concepts in a tangible way. Children learn to estimate and compare different quantities, improving their numerical understanding. It also serves as an excellent tool for explaining cause and effect, helping children grasp how their actions can influence outcomes.

  • Constructed from durable plastic, these tubes are designed to withstand the rigours of classroom use. They encourage collaborative play and are suitable for children aged six months and up. This resource offers a dynamic approach to early years learning, enhancing both individual exploration and group activities.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Physical development

Offer children activities to develop and further refine their small motor skills e.g., pouring, stirring, threading, dressing/undressing dolls, small world, and construction.

EYFS, Mathematics

Make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity.

EYFS, Understanding the world

Promotes an understanding of cause and effect.

Technical Summary


    Assembly type

  • Self-Assembly

  • Suitable for outdoor storage

  • Yes

  • Material

  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 10 months and up