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Aarti Lamp

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This metal Aarti lamp, supporting discussions on Hindu rituals and the symbolism of light.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Cultural Insight

This Aarti lamp provides a tangible connection to Hindu rituals, facilitating discussions on religious practices in educational environments.

Engaging Learning

This artefact enhances religious education by facilitating discussions on Hinduism, making it a valuable classroom resource for exploring diverse religious practices.

Symbolic Representation

Increase awareness of Hindu philosophical symbolism by offering a real-world object to anchor classroom discussions.

Versatile Teaching Aid

This lamp serves as a versatile teaching aid, suitable for religious education lessons focused on Hindu practices and cultural studies.

Enhances RE Lessons

Enriches learning about world religions, supporting educators in teaching about Hindu beliefs and practices.

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Aarti Lamp

This metal Aarti lamp, supporting discussions on Hindu rituals and the symbolism of light.


  • Introducing the Aarti lamp into your classroom can significantly enhance lessons on Hinduism and religious studies. This metal lamp, traditionally used during Puja ceremonies, serves as a practical example of how light plays a crucial role in Hindu rituals, symbolising the removal of darkness and spreading of spiritual enlightenment.

  • Explore the cultural and religious significance of the Aarti lamp in engaging ways by incorporating it into lessons about Hindu worship. Teachers can utilise this artefact to discuss the symbolism of light and its importance in various religious practices across the world, aligning with educational standards on global faiths.

  • Ideal for religious education, this lamp not only supports curriculum objectives but also sparks curiosity and understanding among children about diverse traditions and beliefs. Its durable construction ensures it can be used repeatedly for demonstrations and hands-on learning in various educational settings.

Technical Summary



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