Show It Sliding Scale Measuring Cylinder 6pk

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Use the sliding scale to calculate and display the amount of liquid in the cylinder.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Interactive Measurement

The sliding scale allows children to engage in interactive measuring activities, enhancing their understanding of liquid measurement through hands-on practice.

Double-Sided Design

Each card features a printed scale on one side and a blank scale on the reverse, offering versatility in teaching various measurement concepts.

Wipe Clean Cards

Constructed from durable cardboard, the cards are wipe clean, ensuring they can be reused multiple times without wear and tear.

Curriculum Support

This resource supports measurement activities for children in Years 1-3, aligning with the UK curriculum.

Year 2 Capacity Measurement

Helps Year 2 children choose and use standard units to estimate and measure capacity, aiding their mathematical development.

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Sliding Scale Measuring Cylinder 6pk

Use the sliding scale to calculate and display the amount of liquid in the cylinder.


  • The TTS Show It sliding scale measuring cylinder helps teachers enhance mathematics lessons by offering hands-on measurement activities. This durable, double-sided, wipe-clean tool features a sliding scale for accurate liquid volume measurement, aiding children in grasping key concepts through practical application.

  • In Year Two, it supports the curriculum by enabling children to choose and use standard units to estimate and measure capacity accurately. For Year Three, it simplifies measuring, comparing, adding, and subtracting capacities, making it versatile for multiple year groups.

  • For Year One, these measuring cylinders assist in recording lengths, heights, mass/weight, capacity, and volume. The blank scale on the reverse side allows for customisation, providing a tailored learning experience for specific educational needs.

Supports the National Curriculum

Mathematics, Year 2, Measurement

Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm), mass (kg/g), temperature (°C), capacity (litres/ml) to the nearest appropriate unit.

Mathematics, Year 3, Measurement

Measure, compare, add and subtract lengths (m/cm/mm), mass (kg/g) and volume/capacity (l/ml).

Mathematics, Year 1, Measurement

Measure and begin to record the following: lengths and heights, mass/weight, capacity and volume, time (hours, minutes, seconds).

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 6

  • Material

  • Cardboard

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years