Replica Sutton Hoo Helmet

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Explore Anglo-Saxon history with this replica Sutton Hoo helmet, ideal for educational exploration.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Authentic Replica

This helmet is a replica from the famous Sutton Hoo, providing a tangible connection to Anglo-Saxon history.

Artefact Handling

Allows children to handle and examine an artefact, providing a touchpoint for discussions around historical evidence.

Historical Enquiry

Encourages children to ask questions and explore historical contexts through interaction with this artefact, supporting their historical enquiry skills.

Cultural Insight

Enables a focused exploration of Anglo-Saxon art and culture, offering insights through a replica that represents historical engineering.

Supports Key Stage 2

Supports History curriculum goals for Key Stage 2, relating to the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, making it a practical addition to teaching resources.

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Replica Sutton Hoo Helmet 28 x 20cm

Explore Anglo-Saxon history with this replica Sutton Hoo helmet, ideal for educational exploration.


  • Introduce your class to Anglo-Saxon history with this meticulously crafted replica of the Sutton Hoo helmet. This artefact offers an engaging way to discuss the Anglo-Saxon invasion and settlement in Britain, crucial for the 'Anglo-Saxons and Vikings' unit at Key Stage 2.

  • Students can explore the historical context by handling this replica, discussing the Roman withdrawal from Britain and the conversion to Christianity. This active involvement enriches understanding of historical events and figures.

  • The replica also serves as an educational tool in teaching the resistance against Viking invasions by Alfred the Great and Athelstan. It enriches lessons on Anglo-Saxon art, culture, laws, and justice, enhancing comprehension as outlined in the national curriculum for history.

Supports the National Curriculum

History, Key Stage 2, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Roman withdrawal from Britian, Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture and Christian conversion.

History, Key Stage 2, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. Viking invasion and resistance by Alfred the Great and Althelstan. Anglo Saxon Laws and Justice.

Technical Summary



  • Metal

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 7 to 11 years

Size and measurements


  • 28 cm

  • Depth

  • 20 cm