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Muslim Child's Artefact Collection

Product Code: ISCHILD
Discover Hanif's bag filled with Muslim faith artefacts for engaging learning experiences.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Hanif makes the Islamic faith more relatable for children.

  • Explain that not all Muslims practice Islam in the same way!

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Muslim Childs Artefact Collection

Discover Hanif's bag filled with Muslim faith artefacts for engaging learning experiences.

  • This collection offers a tangible way to explore religious festivals, daily worship practices, and more through diverse artefacts.

  • Integrating the Muslim Child's Religious Artefact Collection into teaching provides a dynamic way to explore Islamic traditions and practices. It gives children a hands-on approach to understanding diverse aspects of the Muslim faith, promoting a respectful and inclusive learning atmosphere.

  • The collection comprises essential items such as a Qur'an with cover, prayer beads, and an illustrated story book, among others, designed to initiate conversations around Islamic daily worship and the significance of religious festivals. These artefacts serve as a bridge, connecting learners to the Islamic world, allowing for a deeper appreciation of its customs and values.

  • Adding non-religious items to the collection introduces a relatable perspective to the character of Hanif, aiding in the teaching of empathy and understanding across different cultures. This approach aligns with RE & PSHE curriculum goals, aiming to build a foundation of respect for varying beliefs and practices.


    Product contents
    • 1 x Set of Prayer Beads

    • 1 x Qur'an with Cover

    • 1 x Qur'an Rack

    • 1 x Illustrated Qur'an Story Book

    • 1 x Embroidered Prayer Cap

    • 3 x Eid Celebration Cards

    • 1 x Prayer Mat with Compass

    • 6 x Children of Faith Images

    • 1 x Doll

    • 1 x Artefacts Bag