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Muslim Child's Artefact Collection

Product Code: ISCHILD
Discover Hanif's bag filled with Muslim faith artefacts for engaging learning experiences.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Engaging Artefacts

Hanif's collection uses engaging artefacts to make the Islamic faith, festivals and daily practices more relatable and understandable for children.

Diverse Practices

Showcasing the diversity within the Muslim community, the collection offers insights into the myriad ways Islam is practised, promoting a nuanced understanding.

Cultural Understanding

Muslim artefacts provide children with direct insights into religious festivals and daily practices, improving their understanding of cultural nuances.

Inclusive Learning

Aligned with the UK curriculum, this collection fosters inclusivity, providing a comprehensive pathway to understanding and respecting diverse beliefs.

Curriculum Support

Enhances RE & PSHE by linking Islamic faith to real-world scenarios, promoting multicultural awareness.

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Muslim Childs Artefact Collection

Discover Hanif's bag filled with Muslim faith artefacts for engaging learning experiences.


  • Integrating the Muslim Child's Religious Artefact Collection into teaching provides a dynamic way to explore Islamic traditions and practices. It gives children a hands-on approach to understanding diverse aspects of the Muslim faith, promoting a respectful and inclusive learning atmosphere.

  • The collection comprises essential items such as a Qur'an with cover, prayer beads, and an illustrated story book, among others, designed to initiate conversations around Islamic daily worship and the significance of religious festivals. These artefacts serve as a bridge, connecting learners to the Islamic world, allowing for a deeper appreciation of its customs and values.

  • Adding non-religious items to the collection introduces a relatable perspective to the character of Hanif, aiding in the teaching of empathy and understanding across different cultures. This approach aligns with RE & PSHE curriculum goals, aiming to build a foundation of respect for varying beliefs and practices.

  • Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Set of Prayer Beads,1 x Qur'an with Cover,1 x Qur'an Rack,1 x Illustrated Qur'an Story Book,1 x Embroidered Prayer Cap,3 x Eid Celebration Cards,1 x Prayer Mat with Compass,6 x Children of Faith Images,1 x Doll,1 x Artefacts Bag