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Historical Egyptian Artefacts


Product Code: HI00517

Fantastic collection of resin replicas depicting iconic Egyptian figures.
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Egyptian Artefacts Collection

Fantastic collection of resin replicas depicting iconic Egyptian figures.

  • Excellent opportunity for artefact handling, a tool which is vital for developing historical enquiry and is accessible to all ability ranges.

  • Explore the idea of Ancient Egyptian Royalty, Gods, civilisation and death practices through this accurate collection.


  • Pack size: 5
    • Sphinx replica - The Sphinx was believed to be a mythical creature with the head of a human and body of a lion
    • L8 x W3 x H6cm
    • Pharaoh bust - Egyptian Pharaoh's often commissioned busts of themselves to maintain their legacy after they were dead
    • W7x H9cm
    • Pharaoh and gods - Pharaoh's were believed to be gods in ancient Egypt, and statues were built depicting the Pharaoh alongside gods to show their importance
    • W13 x H16cm
    • Sarcophagus with mummy - Egyptian Pharaoh's were buried inside beautifully decorated sarcophagus made of stone
    • L16 x W5cm
    • Anubis replica - Anubis was the jackal headed Egyptian god, associated with mummification and the afterlife
    • W5
    • 5 x H13cm