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Friendship Skills Activity Cards

Product Code: RS46123
A set of discussion cards designed to explore the complexities of friendships among children.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Teaching Useful Aspects of Friendship

Provides teachers with valuable resources aimed at initiating discussions about the fundamental aspects of friendship.

Cognitive and Social Growth

Offers practical scenarios for children to develop and practice interpersonal social skills in a safe environment.

Emotional Expression

Encourages children in expressing their feelings and considering others' emotions through guided discussions.

Anti-Discrimination Learning

Facilitates learning about tolerance and diversity, key in nurturing a respectful and inclusive classroom.

Supports PSHE Lessons

The activity cards are aligned with personal, social, and health education topics, enriching tailored curriculum objectives.

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Friendship Skills Activity Cards

A set of discussion cards designed to explore the complexities of friendships among children.


  • These cards enable children to tackle friendship-related topics, such as resolving conflicts and embracing diversity. Each of the 80 cards, sized 13x9cm, prompts children to engage in meaningful conversations, boosting critical thinking and empathy.

  • A useful tool for educators, the cards can be integrated into daily lessons to cultivate social intelligence and address common social scenarios in the classroom. This promotes ongoing social-emotional learning and anti-discrimination education.

  • Employed regularly, these resources help in building confident, socially aware children, fostering an inclusive and respectful school environment. This aligns well with personal, social, and health education objectives.

Technical Summary