Early Years Projector


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An exciting new and unique projector, designed by us specifically to enable children to independently and safely create, build and explore whilst engaging with magical, awe inspiring shadow and light scenarios.
  • STEAM based collaborative play
  • Long life LED light - safe for young eyes
  • Includes protective jacket
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Early Years Projector

An exciting new and unique projector, designed by us specifically to enable children to independently and safely create, build and explore whilst engaging with magical, awe inspiring shadow and light scenarios.

Simply switch on the projector and place it wherever you wish to create a light effect on the wall. It can be positioned on blocks, a table and on the floor, depending on the size of the light space you wish to work with. Children can place, balance, position and build all kinds of art pieces and then see how they are transformed into imaginative shadow works.

Experiment with properties and colours. What patterns will emerge? Items take on a whole new identity when in shadow form. What scene will you build from loose parts, and found materials? See how a simple item is manipulated into an awe and inspiring light form. This is truly open-ended play where the child is the inventor, the designer, the scientist and where their curiosity and exploration can help them to make fascinating discoveries. It is designed for these specific reasons, for the child to be inventive, surrounded by magical effects and all in a safe context. There are a range of suggestions included to give inspiration and provocations for learning. Look out for our ideas on the type of resources and materials you can incorporate into the play, creating great cross-curricular learning opportunities and providing wonderful, independent and fun scenarios. One plain looking box but with so many exciting possibilities. Will it be a wintery scene with snowflakes, a jungle with leafy vegetation or an enchanted world with elves and fairies? A great STEAM approach as the children are truly integrating technology with a rich variety of other skills. This is where technology can enhance, enrich and support their learning at a developmentally appropriate level. It facilitates so many possibilities. Imagine the sensory room affects you can make.

We want you to be confident that this unique projector has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind. It has passed thorough toy safety tests ensuring that it appropriate for child led, play based learning. The child is able to switch on , position and manoeuvre the projector. As with all learning activities adult supervision is required and an adult will need to recharge the battery. With its integrated rechargeable battery giving around 5 hours of continuous operation, it eliminates the trip hazard and high voltage hazard of traditional mains-powered overhead projectors. It can be charged from any USB power sources such as phone chargers, laptops, and power banks. Additionally, the efficient and long-life LED light source means the unit remains cool to the touch and has been tested to the latest EN62471 brightness and blue light emission standard to ensure it is safe for young eyes. The guidance as to what is safe is quite rightly very exacting and not all light devices will be suitable. The projector is made of sturdy wood and contains two clear panels to the front which prevent children from being able to get too close to the light in the back of the projector. The gap between the clear panels allows for slides to be slotted in which can then be projected onto the wall. The projector also has as an additional feature a silicone outer jacket. This makes the design more robust to meet the needs of a busy learning environment. Due to all these measures, it can be used independently by children of age 3 years and up.


  • RRP: £ 109.99
  • Product Content:
    • Includes a protective jacket and USB charging cable (no plug). The other resources used in photography are not included.
  • Material: Wood
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Width: 28.6 cm
  • Depth: 21 cm
  • Brand: TTS
  • Age Range: Suitable for age 3 years and up

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