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Counting Ducks

Product Code: MA03303
A versatile resource, ideal for developing early counting and numeracy skills.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Numeracy Development

These counting ducks aid early numeracy by displaying numerals on the front and the matching number word on the reverse, facilitating number recognition.

Colour Coded Learning

Use colour-coded ducks for easier learning: red for odd numbers and green for even numbers. This helps children distinguish between odd and even numbers effectively.

Durable Material

These durable plastic ducks are designed for frequent classroom use, providing a tactile and visual method to enhance counting and numeracy skills among children aged three to eleven.

Interactive Play

Enhance math skills with interactive games that focus on counting and comparing numbers, making learning engaging and fun for children.

EYFS Aligned

These maths counters align with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, enhancing early mathematical understanding by linking numerals to amounts.

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Counting Ducks

A versatile resource, ideal for developing early counting and numeracy skills.


  • The counting ducks set proves essential for teaching early mathematics, focusing on numbers familiarisation. This set includes five red and five green ducks, corresponding to odd and even numbers respectively, making it easy to conduct varied numeracy activities.

  • Incorporate these ducks in interactive learning sessions where children can engage in counting exercises and simple arithmetic. The colour-coding aids in distinguishing between different number types, enhancing learning efficiency.

  • Designed for repeated use, these durable plastic counters are an excellent resource for the classroom setting. They help achieve EYFS curriculum targets by linking numerals to quantities, supporting the development of foundational mathematics skills.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Mathematics

Supports children to link numerals and amounts.

EYFS, Mathematics

Play games that involve counting.

EYFS, Mathematics

Supports children with their counting skills.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 5 x Red ducks (odd numbers),5 x Green ducks (even numbers)

  • Pack size

  • 10

  • Material

  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 11 years