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Tactile Fidget Starter Pack 19pk

Product Code: SD10517
A collection of fidget resources, offering a range of textures and colours.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhances Concentration

By allowing children to focus better on tasks at hand, these resources aid concentration. They provide a physical outlet for their energy.

Reduces Restlessness

These resources help maintain attention and engagement in learning activities by keeping restless fingers occupied.

Anxiety Relief

Alleviating anxiety and stress in children, the varied selection of resources offers a comforting presence.

Sensory Stimulation

This pack provides essential sensory input, and offers different textures and shapes, supporting children's sensory processing needs.

Supports Active Listening

Improving children's active listening skills, crucial for classroom learning, these resources serve as effective self-regulation tools.

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TTS Fidget Collection

A collection of fidget resources, offering a range of textures and colours.


  • Designed for accessibility and discretion, these resources can be clipped on a key ring, worn on the wrist, hung around the neck, or kept in a pocket. The inclusion of a storage tin allows children to pick their preferred item when needed, supporting self-regulation and focus. This kit serves as a foundational toolset, with the capacity for expansion.

  • Acting as ideal aids in fostering concentration and managing restlessness, these resources prove invaluable in reducing anxiety and providing sensory stimulation. Their integration into daily activities assists children in staying calm and improves their active listening capabilities.

  • Featuring a mix of clear and coloured fidgets made from durable materials, the pack caters to a variety of sensory needs. With different textures and forms, it makes it an ideal choice for facilitating self-regulation and engagement.

  • Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 4 x Clear Fidget Chews,4 x Coloured Fidget Chews,4 x Chewable Pendants,2 x Fidgety Bit,2 x Textured Chewable Bangles,2 x Smooth Chewable Bangles,1 x Storage Tin

  • Pack size

  • 19

  • Material

  • Silicone