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Singapore Colours Place Value Counters


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Broaden your children's depth of place value knowledge.
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  • Counters have a diameter of 25mm
  • Single-sided to support reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Numbers now through to millions.

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Singapore Colours Place Value Counters

Broaden your children's depth of place value knowledge.

  • Secure their learning at 3 digits, then expand to include up to millions and down to three decimal points. Counters range in value from 0.001 through to 1000000.

  • Supports maths curriculum coverage of counting, comparing and ordering numbers, understanding place value, counting in fractional steps and recognising fractions and decimals. Split into two sets; KS1 which includes ones, tens and hundreds and KS2 which includes thousands to millions and decimals to 3 places. Each KS set has either a group set, aimed at 6 children, or a class set for pairs in a class of 30. Why not take advantage of our special multibuy offers, each containing both the KS1 and KS2 sets. Counters are single-sided, so you can test children's reasoning and problem solving skills.


  • Material: Plastic