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Roman Oil Lamp

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Who used these lamps in ancient Rome, and for what purpose?
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Historical Enquiry

This Roman oil lamp is ideal for historical enquiry activities. Children can explore its significance and usage in ancient Rome, fostering a deeper understanding of Roman history.

Cross-Curricular Learning

The lamp can be integrated into various subjects, including art and craft projects. This integration links Roman art and culture with practical activities, promoting cross-curricular learning.

Classroom Display

Use the Roman oil lamp for display purposes to spark curiosity and encourage further research. It enhances engagement with Roman Empire history in the classroom.

Technological Evolution

Discuss the technological advancements of ancient Rome by comparing the Roman oil lamp with modern lighting methods. This allows children to understand the evolution of technology over time.

Supports Key Stage 2

This resource aligns with Key Stage Two history curriculum objectives, helping students explore the Roman Empire's impact on Britain, including Julius Caesar's influence and British resistance.

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Roman Oil Lamp 8cm

Who used these lamps in ancient Rome, and for what purpose?


  • Teachers can use this Roman oil lamp to bring ancient Rome to life in the classroom. Made from clay and measuring 8cm in diameter, it connects children to Roman history. Ideal for historical enquiry, it allows children to explore its significance and usage, linking it to cross-curricular learning such as art and craft projects focusing on Roman art and culture.

  • Incorporating this lamp into lessons supports Key Stage 2 history curriculum objectives. Children can study the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, examining Julius Caesar's influence and the power of the Roman army. The lamp provides a tangible example of Roman artefacts, enhancing understanding through hands-on exploration.

  • The lamp highlights ancient Rome's technological advancements and cultural beliefs. By comparing it with modern lighting methods, children gain insights into technology's evolution. Displaying the lamp in the classroom sparks curiosity and encourages research into Roman history and its societal impact.

Supports the National Curriculum

History, Key Stage 2, Romans

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, Julius Caesar, Power of the Roman army AD42, British resistance or impact of technology, culture and beliefs.

Technical Summary



  • Clay

Size and measurements


  • 8 cm