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Multi-Sensory Suitcase

Product Code: SD10483
A comprehensive range of products that stimulate all the senses in a handy case with wheels enabling you to create a multi-sensory environment anywhere.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Portable Sensory Environment

Featuring a wheeled suitcase, this kit makes it easy to create a sensory environment anywhere, offering flexibility and convenience for therapists and educators.

Comprehensive Sensory Tools

Includes a diverse range of sensory therapy tools such as a Bubble Tube, Slimline Projector, and Aromatherapy Diffuser, catering to all sensory needs.

Stimulates All Senses

Carefully selected items like UV Rods, Tactile Box, and Massage Roll ensure stimulation of sight, touch, smell, and hearing, supporting multi-sensory learning.

Easy Setup and Use

Designed for ease of use, the kit comes with an On/Off Switch and additional oils starter kit, allowing for quick setup and immediate application.

Versatile Application

Ideal for use in various settings, from schools to community centres, enhancing therapy sessions, educational activities, and relaxation times.

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Sensory Suitcase

A comprehensive range of products that stimulate all the senses in a handy case with wheels enabling you to create a multi-sensory environment anywhere.


  • This kit includes a variety of products that stimulate all senses, housed in a convenient wheeled case. It enables users to create a multi-sensory environment in any location, supporting sensory therapy and learning.

  • The Multi-Sensory Suitcase reinvents the approach to sensory stimulation for individuals with SEND by prioritising portability and comprehensive sensory tools. Designed for dynamic use, it effortlessly transforms any space into an enriching sensory room. This powerful resource includes an array of sensory stimulation products that engage visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory senses.

  • Each item in the suitcase has been meticulously selected to support sensory therapy and enhance learning experiences. From the visually stimulating Tabletop Bubble Tube and Slimline Projector to the tactile pleasures of the Massage Roll and Tactile Box, the kit caters to a wide range of sensory needs. The Aromatherapy Diffuser, complete with an additional oils starter kit, offers a soothing olfactory experience, further broadening the sensory appeal.

  • Practicality is at the core of the Multi-Sensory Suitcase, featuring a user-friendly design with a wheeled case for ease of movement. It provides educators and therapists with the flexibility to deliver personalised sensory experiences in educational settings, therapy sessions, or at home, making it a fundamental tool for fostering exploration, interaction, and well-being among individuals with special educational needs.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Tabletop Bubble Tube,Laybourne Mirror,UV Rods,Slimline Projector,Tactile Box,Massage Roll,Slideglow 2m x 100 tails,Aromatherapy Diffuser,Additional Oils Starter Kit,On/Off Switch,Mini Mirror Ball Set,Space Blanket,Squidgy Ball,Koosh Ball,Small Bumpy Set,UV Bounce Balls Set,Active Rainmaker,Egg Shaker,Colour Changing Egg,Column Carry Case,CD Perfume,CD English Country Dawn,Vibro Unit,UV Bar,Suitcase,Vibrating Snake

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 16 years