Feelings & Emotions Discussion Collection


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Perfect for enhancing emotional intelligence, this kit offers comprehensive feelings understanding.
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  • Helps children understand and explore emotions
  • Enable children to embrace all of their emotions in a positive way through play
  • Accepting and naming emotions will help children to regulate their impact

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Feelings & Emotions Discussion Collection

Perfect for enhancing emotional intelligence, this kit offers comprehensive feelings understanding.

  • Expertly crafted to validate all emotions, this collection empowers children to express and understand their feelings confidently.

  • The Feelings & Emotions Discussion Collection is meticulously devised to foster emotional comprehension and expression among children. It stands as a crucial resource for educators to integrate emotional literacy practices within learning environments.

  • Comprised of engaging visual aids such as laminated photographs and expressive posters, alongside interactive activity cards, this collection serves as a multidimensional approach to emotional education. Each component is designed to stimulate discussions, self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of emotions, promoting a healthy emotional environment for children to thrive in.

  • By incorporating these expertly crafted tools, children are offered a safe and nurturing platform to explore and articulate their feelings. The collection not only supports emotional development but also ensures children are better equipped to handle the com


    • Feelings Photos – set of 20 double-sided A5 laminated photographs and ideas booklet
    • Expressing Emotions Posters – set of 8 double-sided A4 laminated posters with ideas for use on the reverse
    • Mirror Me Activity Cards – set of 20 double-sided A5 laminated activity cards
    • Poems with Feelings – set of 8 A4 laminated posters