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Yummy Muffin Pizzas

Cooking these yummy pizza muffins in the classroom is made easy with this specially designed, appealing free recipe. It is supported by activities that link the ingredients and practical experience to the curriculum, especially Maths, English and Science.  Give them a try and make learning tasty.

Posted on Saturday 06th June 2015

How to make Pizza Muffins…

Yummy Muffin Pizzas - Tesco Eat Happy Project

Additional free classroom activities are available to download and print.

  • Easy to follow recipe with step by step pictures
  • Lesson plans with activity suggestions and related objectives
  • Tip sheets to support adult helpers
  • Eye-catching activity sheets
Yummy Muffin Pizzas Recipe Yummy Muffin Pizzas Lesson Plan Yummy Muffin Pizzas Tip Sheet
Recipe – Yummy Muffin Pizza
Ages: 5-6
Lesson Plan – Yummy Muffin Pizza
Ages: 5-6
Tip Sheet – Yummy Muffin Pizza
Ages: 5-6
 Yumm Muffin Pizzas Word search  Yummy Muffin Pizzas Work Sheet
Word Search – Yummy Muffin Pizza
Ages: 5-6
Work Sheet –Yummy Muffin Pizza
Ages: 5-6

The Tesco Eat Happy Project

The Eat Happy Project is Tesco’s long-term commitment to help children have a healthier and happier relationship with food.

To make this change, Tesco is working to give young people the tools they need to live a healthy life and make better decisions about what they put on their plates. To find out more, visit