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Weplay Tactile Balance Track

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Complete balance track set with superior grip and tactile ridges, that encourages physical development.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Grip Design

This balance track features tactile ridges for improved grip, aiding children in maintaining stability.

Versatile Track Pieces

The set includes straight and curved track pieces, allowing for multiple track configurations that adapt to different play areas and learning objectives.

Gross Motor Skill Development

This balance track boosts children's balance, coordination, and agility, enhancing gross motor skills.

Durable Construction

The balance track is constructed to be robust, enhancing its longevity for frequent use in various learning environments.

EYFS Physical Development

Supports EYFS curriculum by challenging children's physical development with varied surfaces for movement and balance.

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Weplay Tactile Balance Track

Complete balance track set with superior grip and tactile ridges, that encourages physical development.


  • This balance track is ideal for children's physical development, featuring tactile ridges to enhance grip and prevent slips during play. Educators can use this versatile set, which includes straight and curved pieces, to create various layouts that challenge children's balancing skills effectively.

  • The track components can be assembled into multiple configurations, encouraging children to engage with different physical tasks. Such activities help solidify core physical skills such as balance and coordination, aligning with EYFS guidelines for early physical development.

  • By regularly reconfiguring the balance track, teachers can design new challenges that keep children excited and actively participating, while consistently advancing their gross motor skill proficiency and overall physical resilience.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Physical Development

Provide a range of surfaces for children to feel, and move and balance on.

EYFS, Physical Development

Develop overall body strength, balance, coordination and agility.

EYFS, Physical Development

Create obstacle courses that demand a range of movements to complete.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 20

  • Suitable for outdoor storage

  • No

  • Age Range

  • Suitable from birth

Size and measurements


  • 7 cm

  • Length

  • 49 cm

  • Width

  • 13.5 cm