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Soft Foam Saturn Balls Flying Disks 6pk

Product Code: SP45490
The Saturn foam ball flies like a flying disk and bounces like a ball for double the fun.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Perfect to work on tossing, catching, throwing and shooting skills

  • Play in teams or pairs

  • Gentle and safe flying experience, making them perfect for players of all ages

  • The soft foam construction ensures a comfortable grip, easy to handle for players of different skill levels

  • Adds a fun and visually appealing twist to traditional outdoor games

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Soft Foam Saturn Balls Flying Disks 6pk

The Saturn foam ball flies like a flying disk and bounces like a ball for double the fun.

  • You can catch and throw a saturn ball like a frisbee or use two hands and catch it like a ball, or even shoot it with your feet.

  • The saturn ball flying disks offer a safe and entertaining outdoor play experience for all ages. Shaped like Saturn and made from soft foam, these lightweight disks ensure a comfortable grip and gentle flight. Ideal for recreational play and organized games, the distinctive Saturn design adds a unique touch to the traditional flying disk. With their durable construction and vibrant colors, these flying disks provide hours of laughter and excitement, making them a versatile and enjoyable addition to any school play environment.

  • Using a variety of play equipment to test children's technique is an important part of progression within the PE curriculum and will help to demonstrate improvement over time. the unique shape of the saturn ball flying disks means that they wont be effected by wind in outdoor conditions so provide a satisfying flight whatever the weather.


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  • Material:


  • Size and measurements
  • Diameter:

    20 cm

  • Weight:

    170 g