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Reward Trophy

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A trophy designed to reward and motivate children, enhancing classroom dynamics.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Motivational Design

Designed to acknowledge pupil achievement, this trophy serves as a physical symbol of recognition, making it suitable for educational settings.

Lightweight Build

Constructed to be lightweight, this trophy is easy to handle, making it appropriate for use in educational rewards.

Effective Reward

Provides a meaningful recognition of pupils' efforts and accomplishments, which can be utilised within educational environments to enhance student motivation.

Visually Appealing

Featuring an attractive appearance, this trophy is appealing and can be a coveted reward among pupils.

Supports PSHE

Effectively supports PSHE lessons by offering a tangible reward for positive behaviour and academic excellence.

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Reward Trophy

A trophy designed to reward and motivate children, enhancing classroom dynamics.


  • This trophy serves as an exceptional tool for reinforcing positive behaviour and academic achievements among children. It is uniquely designed to resonate with the values taught in PSHE, making it not just a reward but a part of the educational process. Using this trophy, teachers can highlight the importance of good manners, respect, and diligence in a tangible way.

  • Constructed to be lightweight, the trophy is especially suited for young children to handle easily. It can be presented during school assemblies or in classrooms, turning the act of recognition into a motivating and encouraging event for all peers involved.

  • Further enhancing its educational value, the trophy acts as a physical reminder of the goals children strive towards, instigating motivation and a sense of pride amongst students. It efficiently supports recognition in diverse educational scenarios, from individual classrooms to whole-school achievements.

Technical Summary


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