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Replica Roman Coins 11pk

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Explore Roman rulers, trade, daily life and more from this fascinating historical time period.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Engaging History

These replica Roman coins make history lessons engaging by providing a tangible connection to the past. They cover key aspects of Roman history with their metal construction.

Comprehensive Coverage

The coins include background notes on the conquest of Britain, military campaigns, and daily life, helping teachers deliver thorough lessons on Roman history.

Supports Learning Styles

The hands-on nature of these coins supports various learning styles, encourages active participation, and makes abstract concepts more accessible.

Versatile Teaching Tool

These coins excellently illustrate Roman trade, technological advancements, and cultural beliefs, enhancing lessons on Roman daily life and rebellion.

Roman Empire Impact

Supports teaching how the Roman Empire impacted Britain, including Julius Caesar's invasions, the power of the Roman army, and British resistance.

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Roman Coin Set 11pk

Explore Roman rulers, trade, daily life and more from this fascinating historical time period.


  • Teachers will find these replica Roman coins an engaging way to bring history lessons to life. Made from metal, these double-sided coins highlight key aspects of Roman history like the conquest of Britain, military campaigns, and daily life. They make abstract concepts tangible and accessible for children. Includes background notes that provide valuable context, supporting comprehensive lessons on Roman history.

  • These coins teach the Roman Empire's impact on Britain, covering topics like Julius Caesar's invasions and the Roman army's power. Examining these coins offers insights into the economic and cultural exchanges of the period. This encourages active participation and accommodates various learning styles.

  • The coins illustrate Roman trade and daily life, showing technological advancements and cultural beliefs. They aid lessons on Roman rebellion, providing a multifaceted view of Roman Britain. These replica Roman coins enhance teaching Roman history at Key Stage 2.

Supports the National Curriculum

History, Key Stage 2, Romans

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, Julius Caesar, Power of the Roman army AD42, British resistance or impact of technology, culture and beliefs.

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