Miniature Electronic Buzzer 6v 5pk


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Five 6V mini transistor oscillator buzzers with leads.
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Miniature Electronic Buzzer 6v 5pk

Five 6V mini transistor oscillator buzzers with leads.

  • Featuring a single tone output, these buzzers create a distinct 'buzz' and come equipped with 100mm leads, operating between 4-8v.

  • Designed to facilitate engaging educational experiences, these miniature electronic buzzers are a fantastic addition to science and design & technology projects. With their ability to operate within a 4-8v range, these buzzers offer versatility and adaptability in creating circuits, making them an essential resource for hands-on learning.

  • Particularly useful in exploring the principles of electricity, these buzzers enrich the Key Stage 2 curriculum. They allow children to investigate how the number and voltage of cells in a circuit affect the loudness of the buzzer, thereby deepening their understanding of electrical circuits.

  • Moreover, these buzzers come with 100mm leads in red and black, simplifying connection and use in a variety of educational projects. They provide immediate auditory feedback that captivates children's attention and fosters an interactive learning environment.


  • Age Range: 5-6 years to 10-11 years