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Children of Faith Dolls

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A collection of soft dolls featuring symbols of various faiths.
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Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

  • Ideal for discussions around faith in everyday life

  • Perfect for role play, reflection and so much more!

  • Encourage children to investigate and explore faith symbols

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Children of Faith Dolls

A collection of soft dolls featuring symbols of various faiths.

  • These dolls, adorned with discrete religious symbols, enable engaging learning about various faiths.

  • Understanding religious diversity is pivotal in contemporary education. TTS Children of Faith Dolls are instrumental in initiating conversations about various beliefs, by embodying faith symbols. Created in association with the North East Religious Resources Centre, these dolls emblematically bear everyday faith symbols, serving as an experiential learning tool about religious pluralism.

  • Every doll is tailored to mirror faith expressions, like headwear and jewellery, offering children a direct insight into diverse religious practices and symbols. These dolls enrich the RE curriculum by catalysing discussions on world religions, fostering empathy, and broadening social consciousness.

  • Integrating these dolls into teaching routines makes learning about faith, identity, and tolerance an interactive experience. They equip educators to convey important lessons on religious diversity, cultivating an ethos of respect and broad-mindedness amongst young learners.