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A4 Light Up Talk-Time Card

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A4 light up recordable dry wipe cards, ideal for EFOL and SEND student engagement.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Visual Feedback Cues

The card lights up red to indicate recording and turns green during playback, offering clear visual cues that enhance user interaction and engagement in learning activities.

Extended Recording Time

Offering up to 60 seconds of recording time, these cards allow for detailed explanations, instructions, or student responses, enriching lesson content and student participation.

Replaceable Batteries

Powered by replaceable AAA batteries, ensuring long-term usability and ease of maintenance, making them a practical choice for busy classroom settings.

Flexible Purchase Options

Choose according to classroom needs with options available individually or in a pack of six, providing flexibility in resource allocation and activity planning.

EFOL and SEND Support

These cards support diverse learning strategies, making them ideal for EFOL and SEND students, aiding in speech development and interactive learning.

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A4 Light Up Talk-Time Card

A4 light up recordable dry wipe cards, ideal for EFOL and SEND student engagement.


  • Introducing the A4 Light Up Talk-Time Card, designed to merge visual and auditory learning effectively. With its red and green light indicators for recording and playback, it encourages active participation. The A4 size accommodates more content, supported by an ergonomic writing slope, making it ideal for detailed work.

  • These cards support broad curricular goals, allowing for voice recordings up to 60 seconds. They cater to speech and language practices, critical thinking, and facilitate group or individual tasks, thus making learning interactive. Suitable for EFOL and SEND students, they help in boosting oral skills and confidence.

  • Durability is ensured with replaceable AAA batteries, available individually or in packs of six. This makes them adaptable for varied educational environments. Their practical design guarantees they are a valuable asset for fostering engagement and enhancing learning experiences in classrooms.

Technical Summary