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This free standing climbing wall provides 13.2 linear metres of challenge and fun.
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This attractive, free standing climbing wall provides 13.2 linear metres of challenge and fun for children of all ages and abilities! Available as a straight version also, the wall has over 160 climbing holds, in four bright colours arranged in graded, bouldering challenges. All wood has had the highest grade of treatment and all fixings are stainless steel. The price shown includes, delivery and fixing, into grass or your playground - same price. Space required is approximately 6m by 8m. Safer surfacing can be added onto grass or tarmac at an extra cost.

The Traverse Wall can be bought in 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels.

This is the essential resource to make fantastic use of limited outside space. It will help to vastly improve your school's sports provision and turns any area into a quality space for PE and sporting activities.

Key Information

  • 6.6 metres long
  • 13.2 linear metres of climbing area
  • 2.1 metres high
  • Highest climbing hold at 2 metres
Important health and social benefits can be gained from using climbing walls. Benefits of climbing: good cardiovascular exercise, it will help develop strength in all muscle groups giving a 'total body workout', learn about the importance of stamina, allow children to assess and take risk, allow them to set increasingly more difficult challenges, aid both fine and gross motor skill development as well as psychological development and boosting performance in other sports.

Climbing works every part of your body. It develops lean, endurance muscles, strengthens the core, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of incurring sports-related injury. Climbing strengthens hands, forearms, biceps, shoulders, neck, upper back, lats, lower back, abs, glutes, thighs and calves - your whole body benefits! The development of primary and secondary muscles though climbing also trains the body for increased performance in all sports. For example, Rugby and Racket sports require hand strength and agility, whilst football, running and cycling require upper body and core strength, all of which are improved through climbing.

It is a common misconception that climbing requires well developed upper body strength, when in fact, all that is required is technique, balance and leg strength. This means that boys and girls perform equally well, and that climbing is an activity suitable for all ages and abilities. Climbing also benefits children with special needs, as it increases perception, hand-eye coordination and balance. Climbing is a very 'tactile' activity, involving varied feel, texture, and shape, and the brightly coloured holds help to encourage visual and sensory stimulation.

Climbing is a fantastic way for children to have fun and release energy! It encourages goal setting as they seek more challenging routes across the climbing wall, as well as determination and concentration to get them there. Planning and strategy are developed, as well as risk-taking, increasing their confidence as they go. The opportunity for social interaction, communication and encouragement is also present, as climbing is a group activity.


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