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Extremely durable, these big, deep-sounding drums are designed specially for use in schools.
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Perfect for helping children understand basic beat and rhythm, these drums are extremely durable and have been designed especially for use in schools.

Gathering Drums are big, sturdy and deep-sounding. Available in two sizes, they're great for playing in groups to foster communication skills in the classroom. Play them with hands, beaters or sticks for different sounds.
Bongos can be played the traditional way, between your knees, or simply placed on the floor or table. Achieve different rhythms and tones by striking with the pads of your fingertips.
Floor Tom A versatile, sturdy and portable, freestanding drum - perfect for drumming groups. Play with the hands, mallets or sticks for different sounds.
Conga Drum this traditional, Cuban drum is lots of fun and can be played while sitting or standing. Vary your hand technique to achieve different tones. Includes a detachable, heavy-duty, nylon shoulder strap.
Tubano Drum With a special sound chamber, you'll love the quality of sound that this drum produces. Includes detachable, heavy-duty nylon shoulder strap to play from standing or sitting position.
Class Set Buy five top-quality drums to make a saving. Includes Tall Gathering Drum, Floor Tom, Conga, Tubano, Bongos.

  • All feature Remo Fiberskyn heads and Acousticon bodies
  • Attractive, bright design
  • Professional sound
  • Quality construction
  • Highly durable - made for regular use in schools

Gathering Drums and Floor Tom include pair of rubber-headed mallets


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