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A collection of core Christian artefacts which will help you teach about the beliefs and practices of the Faith.
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A collection of core Christian artefacts which will help you teach about the beliefs and practices of the Faith.

The set includes:

Baptist Candle

As a sign of the new life a Baptismal candle will be lit using the flame from the Easter Candle which symbolises the light of Christ - the Light of the World. This is the light that darkness cannot overcome. Light warms and encourages, it gives safety and illuminates the way ahead. The baptised child, who has opened their eyes to the light of creation, is now awakened by the flame of faith. They are called to see all things through the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Baptism Card

A selection of cards that are used to send special messages and regards on the day of baptism.


The crucifix is an important sign, particularly in Catholicism, reminding the user of the sacrifices that Jesus made, it is a symbolic representation with sacred significance.

Chalice and Paten

The chalice (cup) and paten (plate) hold the bread and wine that Catholics believe become Jesus Christ's body and blood during the sacrament celebrated at Mass. According to the Catholic Church, the first chalice and paten were used at the Last Supper when Jesus and his apostles observed the Jewish Passover.

Plain Cross

The cross is probably the most readily recognized of the Christian symbols, and there is significance to it. As a symbol, the cross is a reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for mankind.

St Damien's Cross

This crucifix is called an icon cross, because it contains pictures and symbols of people who have a part in the meaning of the crucifix. The purpose was to teach people about the event depicted and strengthen the peoples' faith in doing so. This particular icon cross known as the San Damiano crucifix, was the cross St. Francis of Assisi knelt before in the neglected and dilapidated St. Damian's Church.

Pair of Icons

An icon is a sign or likeness that is expected to signify and embody certain qualities; this selection contains a pair of icons that show images of the Holy family.

Rosary Beads

The rosary in simplest terms is a tool used to aid prayer and meditation. The beads of a rosary count the prayers as they are recited out loud or in the mind. Relying on the rosary beads to keep track of how many times you've said a particular prayer allows you to clear your mind and meditate on your prayer more effectively. Interestingly Rosary Beads, or similar, are used across many religions, such as; Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.


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