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Calming Sensory Pod Starter Collection 26pk

Product Code: SS45543
A starter kit for creating a sensory retreat, promoting calm and exploration for children.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Sensory and Visual Stimulation

The collection's diverse range of sensory resources, including glow lights, provides sensory and visual stimulation, catering to various sensory needs.

Mindful Sensory Experience

Designed to foster a serene atmosphere, the kit aids in creating an environment that supports mindfulness and soothes the senses, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Supportive of Sensory Diets

The versatility of the included resources makes this collection an ideal addition to sensory diets, offering tools to distract, relax, or engage based on individual sensory profiles.

Comprehensive Sensory Kit

This collection removes provides a ready-to-use solution for sensory exploration and relaxation.

Versatile Use

Suitable for use in various settings, the collection offers flexibility in creating calming spaces, whether for individual relaxation, educational purposes, or therapeutic interventions.

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Calming Sensory Pod Starter Collection

A starter kit for creating a sensory retreat, promoting calm and exploration for children.


  • This kit incorporates sensory glow lights and resources, making it an ideal addition to a sensory diet. It can help with regulation and serves as a relaxation tool. The kit equips users with everything they need to create a light sensory room experience, enabling a mindful and soothing sensory journey.

  • Central to the Calming Sensory Pod Starter Collection is the Mini Pop-Up Sensory Pod, offering a tranquil space for children who benefit from a quiet escape. Designed for flexibility and ease of set-up, it allows for the swift creation of a calming spot in various environments. Included in this collection are carefully chosen elements such as the Rechargeable Fibre Optic Sparkle Rug and Light-Up Bolster Cushions, providing a blend of tactile and visual stimuli to engage the senses deeply. Additionally, Glow Construction Blocks and the Sensory Illuminated Writing Board, complemented by Chalk Marker Pens, encourage creative exploration and cognitive development within a comforting sensory context. The Vibrating Weighted Lap Buddy is specially included to offer soothing tactile input. This collection thoughtfully combines diverse sensory items to support a wide range of sensory needs, serving as a comprehensive tool for creating individualised sensory diets and serene environments geared towards exploration, comfort, and growth.

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Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Mini Pop-Up Sensory Pod ,1 x Rechargeable Fibre Optic Sparkle Rug ,1 x Light up Bolster Cushions 2 pack ,1 x Set of Glow Construction Blocks,1 x Sensory Illuminated Writing Board,1 x Vibrating Weighted Lap Buddy,1 x Chalk Marker Pens 8pk

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  • 26