Bee-Bot App

Shortlisted for BETT Awards 2014 - Free Digital Content / Open Educational Resources - Category

The Bee-Bot App is developed from our well-loved, award-winning Bee-Bot floor robot. The app makes use of Bee-Bot's keypad functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns.

The app has been developed with 12 levels encouraging progression. Each level is timed and the faster it is completed the more stars you get! The levels are set in an engaging garden scenario and will appeal from age 4 upwards.

Click here to view the Bee-Bot App on iTunes. - Now with 3 FREE brand new levels using Bee-Bot on the Farm to collect eggs from the chickens.

Or click here to view the Bee-Bot Pyramid App on iTunes. - Control Bee-Bot through a series of 12 levels of an ancient Egyptian pyramid, unlocking doors, collecting treasure and out-smarting Mummies as you go.

The app is for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. TTS Group