Controllable Vehicles D&T Class Kit


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Gives pupils an opportunity to use their knowledge of electric circuits and switches to produce a motorised vehicle.
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Bring cross-curricular learning to life by choosing a user and a purpose for this activity!

Your pupils could design a space vehicle, an F1 racing car, a dune buggy or even a speed boat. KS2,


  • 40 x AA batteries
  • 20 x gears for meagre motors
  • 20 x meagre motors
  • 450g of rubber bands
  • 30 x wooden pulleys in mixed sizes
  • 20 x AA battery holders
  • 20 x motor mounting clips
  • 100 x wooden wheels in mixed sizes
  • 50 x battery snaps
  • 1000 x card triangles
  • 500 x thick card axle supports
  • 100 x lengths of 10mm square section wood
  • 20 x lengths of 5mm dowel
  • Roll of wire

  • Science Circuits – Use a simple circuit to create a device then identify and name its electrical components.
    Science Materials - Identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock and compare their suitability for particular uses.
    Science Forces – Explore the forces acting upon the vehicle when running down and up ramps with a variety of different surfaces, measure the speed and distance they travel when doing this.

    Technology CAD – Use the computer to help you in your cladding or vehicle design Computer Research – Before starting the project use search technologies to explore the history of vehicles! What designs and mechanisms did they use? What powers them?

    Engineering / Design and Technology – Design and make a product that uses pulleys and explore their effects, understand and use mechanical systems such as pulleys, wheels, axles and bearings.

    Maths Distance– Measure the distance your vehicle travels down ramps of different gradients and plot on a graph.
    Maths Speed – Record the speed of your vehicle, how far could it travel in 1 hour? What is the difference in speed between different vehicles?
    Maths Averages – Time how long your vehicles takes to cover a set distance and calculate the mean speed


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