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Two packs of specially selected books for Blue Band Readers.
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Reading Recovery Levels 9 - 11: National Curriculum Level 1

Working within level 1: learning opportunities - aligned with phase 4/5 progession in phonics

  • move through text attending to meaning, print and sentence structure flexibly
  • self - correct more rapidly on - the - run
  • solve new words using information and understanding of the text to try alternative pronunciations
  • re - read to enhance phrasing and to clarify precise meaning
  • identify constituent parts of unfamiliar two - syllable words to read correctly
  • manage a somewhat greater variety of text genre
  • discuss content of the text in a manner that indicates precise understanding
Text characteristics
  • greater variation in sentence patterns and content
  • literacy language intergrated with natural language
  • and repeated language patterns are longer or act as refrains
  • more lines of tet on page, sometimes up to 6 - 8 lines
  • stories have more events
  • non - fiction texts include some abstract terms and impersonal sentence structures
  • pictures support storylines rather than convey precise meaning so closely
  • more similar - looking words appearing in text calling for flexible word - solving
15 Books. Titles may vary.


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