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Easi-Torch are simple to use and manage, no more replacing batteries or dim light!
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Easi-Torches are the ideal RECHARGEABLE resource for any early years setting or primary classroom. This set of 6 ultra bright LED torches are great for exploring light and shadows without the worry of replacing batteries or having a dim light.

Easi-Torches will provide a constant brightness for up to 3 hours and can be placed to recharge in the hub once their battery is low. A battery life indicator will even remind you!

With a charging time of 3 hours, other features include a large easy to use on/off switch and colour co-ordinated tops and switches to brighten up the classroom.

Easi-Torch Connectors

Great for colour mixing with two torches or for experimenting with different coloured shadows. A set of eight connectors that easily fit on the end of your Easi-Torch:

  • 2 x yellow
  • 2 x red
  • 2 x blue
  • 2 x green

Science Curriculum

Year 3 - Light

Pupils should be taught to recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light
Notice that light is reflected from surfaces
Recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object
Find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change

Year 6 - Light

Pupils should be taught to recognise that light appears to travel in straight lines
Use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them

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Customer Reviews

  • 5/5 stars
    22 Jun 2016

    We love these torches but I really wish that I could buy replacement torches as there is nothing wrong with our charger

  • 5/5 stars
    12 May 2016

  • 5/5 stars
    21 Jan 2016

  • 4/5 stars
    28 Nov 2015

  • 2/5 stars
    10 Nov 2015

    takes a long time to charge

    Our Response Many thanks for taking the time to leave feedback for TTS. I am sorry to hear that you are not entirely satisfied with your order from TTS. I can assure you that somebody will be in touch to discuss this further. Kind regards
  • 5/5 stars
    25 May 2015

    Good product

  • 5/5 stars
    21 Apr 2015


  • 4/5 stars
    13 Apr 2015

    Robust torches

  • 4/5 stars
    11 Mar 2015

    used before

  • 5/5 stars
    18 Feb 2015

    Replacing another

  • 2/5 stars
    17 Feb 2015

    one torch arrived damaged and another stopped working in two days

  • 5/5 stars
    11 Feb 2015

    had a set before but the charger broke but we had at least 3 years usage out of it

  • 1/5 stars
    04 Feb 2015

    Terrible - not able to use it as parts were missing.

  • 5/5 stars
    16 Jan 2015

  • 5/5 stars
    12 Jan 2015

    These have proved very popular with all the children!!

  • 4/5 stars
    19 Dec 2014

    "Works as expected, thanks!"

  • 4/5 stars
    14 Oct 2014

    This is the second set we have bought. Really good resource-children love them

  • 5/5 stars
    08 Oct 2014

    We have had these before and they are always popular

  • 5/5 stars
    22 Sep 2014

  • 4/5 stars
    17 Jul 2014

    Again a replacement item as some of the torches no longer work. Very popular with the children and got lots of use - much easier recharging than buying batteries!

  • 5/5 stars
    04 Jul 2014

  • 5/5 stars
    28 Jun 2014

    Bought because we had a previous set that got damaged when we changed school site.

  • 4/5 stars
    09 May 2014

  • 4/5 stars
    17 Apr 2014

    We could have bought a cheaper alternative product from the supermarket and then regularly replaced them but the proof wil come in the longeity of your product.

  • 4/5 stars
    21 Mar 2014

  • 5/5 stars
    07 Mar 2014

    Good purchase

    Our Response Thank you for your feedback. Your comments have been passed on to our Product Development team who will see how they can be improved.
  • 4/5 stars
    12 Mar 2014

    as expected

  • 5/5 stars
    24 Feb 2014

  • 4/5 stars
    13 Feb 2014

  • 5/5 stars
    18 Feb 2014

    Very good