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Bumper kit of playground favourites! A selection of 20 different games and activities with enough equipment for up to 300 children to engage in co-operative playground play.
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A fantastic range of 20 different activities and games, and enough equipment for up to 300 children! The items in this kit have been specifically selected to develop throwing and catching using fun and interesting items and activities. Popular playground favourites are also included, such as skipping, frisbees and playground tennis. This kit contains activities that encourage playing in pairs or small groups, promoting team work and collaborative play. All equipment is tested, safe and durable.

Equipment includes:

  • 3 x Hydrocatch (Velcro catching discs and ball)
  • 3 x Ball Launchers
  • 12 x Foam Frisbees
  • 30 x Large Handle Skipping Ropes
  • 9 x Swinging Loops (catch the ball in the hoop!)
  • 9 x Koosh Balls
  • 3 x Pair of Stompers (stilts)
  • 3 x Catchtail Balls
  • 36 x Marble Playballs
  • 12 x Reaction balls
  • 12 x Cheerleader Pom Poms
  • 120 x Cones/Pole Holders
  • 30 x Number Bean Bags
  • 18 x Scoopers
  • 6 x Springy Ball Game
  • 36 x Coloured Tennis Balls
  • 18 x Catch a Cup
  • 30 x Playbats
  • 18 x Ankle Skips
  • 18 x Vinyl Mini Balls
  • 144 x Tennis Balls
  • 3 x Action Talk Balls
  • 3 x Large Kit Bags to keep it all in.
(Contents may vary from depending on stock availability but value for money and variety of equipment will always be maintained)

With 20 activities and enough equipment for 300 children this collection really is a bumper playground kit! Pieces have been specially selected to encourage group play and develop throwing and catching in various fun and interesting ways. Equipment comes in a fantastic range of bright rainbow colours which children will find more engaging and appealing.

Games and Activities
  • Hydrocatch - Neoprene catching discs which mould to the shape of the hand (balls included)
  • Springy ball games - catch the ball with the catching nets! Can play solo, in a pair or a group.
  • Catch a Cups and Scoopers in bright colours - catch the ball in the cup/scoop! Progress from the Catch a cups (which have strings) to the Scoopers. A great way to develop hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Swinging Loops - Catch the ball in the hoop! Features string to help children master this skill.
  • Playground favourites - Skipping, Ankle skips, foam Frisbees, Stompers and Playground Tennis with plastic durable bats and soft foam balls or tennis balls.
  • A fantastic kit for sports day - provides bean bags, bats, balls, pom poms and extra activities.
Providing a range and variety of balls makes throwing and catching more interesting and fun
  • Catchtail ball - catch the ball along the tail - ideal for Early Years.
  • Koosh ball - a 'feely' ball with small rubber tentacles!
  • Reaction ball - a multi-faceted rubber ball - which way will it bounce? Helps develop speed and reaction time!
  • Action talk ball - complete the action your thumb lands on - skip, hop, run, balance and star-jump.
  • Interesting designs - mini vinyl balls and soft marble playballs.
Suitable for use indoors and outdoors and supplied with 3 large kits bags to keep it all in.

Also links to...
  • English Curriculum- communication through team play
  • Science Curriculum - learning the importance of exercise for human health
  • Maths Curriculum - number recognition (number bean bags)


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