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Sensory Ooze Tubes

Product Code: SD10039
A trio of colourful tubes designed to soothe and teach, enhancing focus and sensory exploration.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Enhanced Concentration with Visual Stimulation

These tubes capture children's attention with slow-moving jelly liquid, fostering concentration and a sense of calm.

Supports Speech and Listening Skills

Enhances children's speech development and active listening skills by encouraging them to express their observations and thoughts.

Reusable and Interactive Design

These tubes are designed for continuous use, providing an interactive experience that keeps children engaged by allowing them to flip the tubes to restart the oozing process.

Educational Tool for Various Concepts

These tubes stimulate not only visual but also cognitive skills, inviting children to think about time and movement processes.

Vibrant Colour Assortment

Offering a variety of hues, these tubes help children recognise and differentiate colours, enhancing their visual learning.

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Sensory Ooze Tubes

A trio of colourful tubes designed to soothe and teach, enhancing focus and sensory exploration.


  • These sensory tubes provide an engaging educational experience, facilitating discussions on shape, space, and visual perception. The flowing jelly-like substance inside each tube serves as a calming visual stimulant, helping children understand gravity and viscosity in a captivating manner.

  • Designed for continuous learning, each set includes three vibrant colours, offering versatile use in sensory bins or regulation areas. These tubes not only serve as a visual aid but also as a tool for enhancing sensory experiences and supporting speech development in young children.

  • Suitable for various learning environments, these tubes enable educators to engage children effectively. The continuous motion of the liquid provides frequent opportunities for observation and learning, addressing each child’s sensory needs.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Green Tube,1 x Blue Tube,1 x Red Tube

  • Pack size

  • 3

Size and measurements


  • 120 mm

  • Width

  • 50 mm