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Court Marker Set

Product Code: PE10494
A set of flexible vinyl lines and corners with non-slip properties for polished surfaces.
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Technical Summary


Helping to Support Teaching and Learning

Flexible Design

The flexible vinyl construction allows for quick and easy setup and removal, perfect for multi-use sports facilities.

Non-Slip Features

Enhanced with non-slip properties, these markers provide stability and safety during intense indoor sports activities.

Multi-Sport Utility

Versatile enough for basketball, netball, tennis, and badminton, adapting to different sporting needs with ease.

Indoor Compatibility

Specifically designed for indoor use, these markers replace permanent floor paint, preserving the facility's surface.

Comprehensive Set

Complete with twenty lines and four corners, this set supports a variety of game layouts and court sizes.

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Court Marker Set

A set of flexible vinyl lines and corners with non-slip properties for polished surfaces.


  • This set includes 20 lines and 4 corners crafted from durable vinyl, suitable for creating indoor sports courts. The flexibility and non-slip surface provided by these markers make them ideal for modifying and setting up temporary courts with safe, non-marking lines.

  • Their removable nature allows for quick court changes, facilitating flexibility in physical education and promoting active engagement. Each piece is designed for safety and ease of use, ensuring a secure environment during sports activities.

  • In addition to versatility and ease of setup, these markers support educational objectives by encouraging participation in physical activities, helping to foster a culture of sports and physical education within schools. They make it possible for educators to introduce a variety of sports, ensuring more children have equal opportunities to explore different physical activities.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Includes 20 lines (36cm x 7cm) and 4 corners (28cm x 28cm)

  • Pack size

  • 24

  • Colour

  • Multicoloured

  • Material

  • Vinyl